Want To Make Sure Your Hair Style Stays How You Want It?

Tips on How to Use Wax When Styling Your Hair

To properly use wax when hair styling, it must be rubbed between your hands and applied to your hair in the direction it grows. All depending on the style you want to create, you could use a lightweight wax on just to the tips of your hair, or you can use a heavier wax on the whole lot. When using hair wax, most people make the mistake of putting too much on, which means your hair will end up looking dirty, lank and greasy.

Most wax comes in either tubes or pots. To use it you first scoop out a small amount of wax using your fingertips. Since some wax can be slightly hard, you will need to rub it between your fingers in order to soften it up. Applying the wax using only your fingertips will give you much more control over where the wax will be placed on your hair.

Always remember that your hair must be slightly damp before you apply the wax. Gently rub the wax down your hair in the direction it grows. Curls are more defined when you apply a small amount of wax to them. Also, a small amount of wax can be used to create a tousled look and to stop any static. For a more choppy look, try adding wax to just the tips of your hair.

Spiky hairstyles can be created by using wax also, to create such a look, use a wax which will be slightly hard when it dries. The wax must be rubbed on the top of the hair, to create messy spikes, try running your hands through your hair to mess it up. And by using only your fingertips, it will define the spikes also.

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