Tips to Help You Have Peace of Mind When Visiting a New Salon for a Hair Extension Service

We all know that visiting a new hair salon for the first time is a stressful experience, even if the stylist has been referred to us. When it comes to installing hair extensions, the problem is even bigger. There is rarely a case when a woman feels comfortable in the hands of a hairdresser who she has not used for such a delicate procedure. If you are one of the women that need extra proof that the job will be done in a professional manner, then you should definitely think about visiting a specialist who can offer you a contract for the service.

Why sign a contract?
Although the idea of signing a contract for a hairdresser service may sound a bit crazy, such a small detail can save you some serious worries. Signing contract is a professional way to handle a long-term complicated service like hair extensions. It is an understanding between the stylist and you, the client, which can further help you avoid conflicts.

  • Main points to be included in a contract for hair extensions:
    The consent to order, prepare, and install hair extensions. Choose the installation method and the materials that will be used on the scalp. Make sure that the contract states that the extensions will be ordered by your stylist.
    Make sure that the contract includes a short home maintenance guide. This includes, a list of the hair products which you are allowed or not allowed to use; tips for sleeping, showering, and general comfort; awkward things you may experience during the first month after the installation, etc.
  • The dates when the service appointment should be made and what will be done during this follow up appointments in your hair salon.
    Make sure that a certificate for the hair origin and its quality is attached to the document.
    Finally, include the costs of the first and all the follow up appointments.

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