Our Hair Stylist Knows Best How to Make Your Curly Hair Grow Faster Than Ever Before

Curly hair can shrink up to 30% of its true length depending on the type of curls you have. Many of our customers visit our salon for an advice from our hair stylist on how they can make their hair grow faster. Although there is not much to be done if you refuse to install extensions and are looking for more natural solutions, there are a few tricks which you can have in mind. Here are our suggestions on how you should treat your curly hair in order to help it grow a bit faster:

  1. Condition and detangle. Comb and detangle your hair with fingers regularly. Instead of a brush use a wide-tooth comb. It will help you strengthen the muscles that hold each hair in place. In order to replenish moisture, do not forget to apply a mild hair conditioner once every 2-3 days.
  2. Feed your hair. Fruits and vegetables like broccoli, asparagus, collard greens, mango, and honeydew contain nutrients that can definitely make your hair look healthier. Take supplements that contain folic acid and vitamins A,B, C, E and D.
  3. Trim your hair only when it is needed. Get trims only when you have split ends or breakage. If you do not see any damage 6 months after your last trim, then leave it alone.
  4. Massage your scalp. Eucalyptus oil or peppermint containing hair products can increase the blood flow to your follicles. If you massage your scalp with such products for no longer than five minutes before washing your hair, you will most probably add an extra inch to your yearly hair growth.
  5. Handle your hair with care. You do not need to be a professional hair stylist to know that hot curling irons and blow drying, as well as coloring, perming, excessive hair twisting and high winds, can be damaging for your hair. Protect those locks by sealing your ends with oil and sleeping on a satin pillow case.

If you want to find out about more similar tricks from our hair stylist, you should not hesitate to visit Bangz Hair Salon anytime you like. The doors of our beauty salon in Redding, CA are always wide open for you! If you have been referred to us, you can call (530) 242-8847 and schedule an appointment in advance.