Our Hair Styling Salon Stylists Know How to Treat the Hair of Your Children!

Today, we would like to discuss a topic that not every hair styling salon professional is interested in offering. Since we believe that kids also deserve to be pampered with professional hairstyles, we are going to talk about kids’ hair essentials.

Gentle cleansing sulfate-free shampoos remove buildup without stripping. These are the most suitable products to be used when washing the fragile hair of children.

Opt for a good quality leave in conditioner with natural ingredients. Many parents neglect conditioning the hair of their children believing that they are too young to need this type of hair nutrition, but they a wrong! It is a good idea to apply a mild conditioner after washing the hair of your child from an early age. This will help the hair stay soft and easy to style with different accessories. Keep in mind that a conditioner or detangler with a great slip makes any wash day a breeze.

A good quality brush will detangle the hair thoroughly without breaking it. So when shopping for a brush that your kid can use, do not just focus on the looks. Design is important for kids because they like to play with everything, but functionality and quality should be valued above all.

Pretty hair accessories make even the simplest styles look extra special. If you visit our hair styling salon for your daughter’s birthday party hairstyle, you will notice that we will not stress that much on the styling products but on the accessories. Girls like ribbons, flowers, colorful tiaras, etc. If you want to make your princes look and feel really beautiful on her special day, you definitely need to pamper her with more hair accessories.

If you insist on heat hair styling for your child, we recommend you to use a serum while doing it. Once damaged, your child’s’ hair may not recover as quickly as you think it would.

If you want to learn more about children hairstyles from a specialist with years of experience in this field, you can always turn to our hair styling salon in Redding, CA! Bangz Hair Salon will be more than glad to help you with some extra tips. For a free consultation or to book a special occasion kids’ hairstyle, you can contact our salon at (530) 242-8847!