Common Wedding Hairstyles

Do You Need to Book an Appointment in a Hair Salon in Order to Have the Perfect Wedding Hairstyle?

Whether it is eye-catching or subtle, your wedding hair should never be an after-thought. If you are considering making your hair yourself, we strongly recommend you to turn to a professional hair salon instead. Even if you are really good at keeping your hairstyle immaculate on a daily basis, you should keep in mind that you will be really stressed out on your wedding day, and you may not have that much time to spend on your hair. What’s more, an expert hairdresser will have professional products that once applied to your hair will keep it intact for many hours to come, which can be really helpful if the day of your wedding is windy or rainy.

Here are some common hairstyles that you can consider:
Grade school favorites: wearing your hair down in an everyday style, half of the hair up with some small accessories, braids and plaits to add a girly romance, or a classy ponytail.
The classics: a bun at the nape of the neck, pinned curls with a jeweled headband for a 40’s boho chic soft and feminine look, or a classic formal French-twist with side-swept bangs.
Shorties: rocker-chick teased back, bob or pixie haircut if you want to highlight your bone structure, or romantic and girlish finger curls.
Vintage style (both old-school and modern): Retro vintage-themed hairstyles are now a real hit. Although they may look a bit pompous, if your wedding theme is retro, then you will definitely be the star of the night!

If you are still not sure which will be the right hairstyle for your special day, we recommend you to visit the hair salon Bangz Hair Salon in Redding, CA and bring a picture of your wedding gown. We will consult you and recommend a hairdo which will be ideal for you! Call us now at (530) 242-8847 to reserve an appointment!